Monday, 12 August 2013

Needle and Thread

A little while ago, in the midst of exam fever, one of my favourite bloggers - The Londoner - blogged about this dress from Needle and Thread. My graduation ball was over 4 months away, and with a month of exams standing between me and freedom, attendence was by no means certain.

But the amount of time between spotting this dress and purchase was all of 30 seconds.

When it arrived I literally was in love. 

Since then I've lusted after nearly every single peice from Needle and Thread. Created by Hannah Coffin (Previously of All Saints fame..need I go on), the first collection featured exclusively on ASOS with subsequent offerings to be found at Selfridges.

Here's my pick of my favourite peices currently available!

Needle & Thread Mexica Mini Skirt
Needle & Thread Sunstone Mini Dress
Needle & Thread Era Silk Midi Dress

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